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Silestone is manufactured from Quartz, which provides a wide range of colors, styles, patterns, and finishes for kitchen countertops and bathroom faucets, complementing many unique styles and decoring tastes.

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Unlike other popular countertop materials, silestone’s polished surface doesn’t need to be sealed or re-sealed, making it one of the easiest materials to maintain. Just wipe with a soapy water for daily upkeep.

25-Years Warranty

If you are the one looking to invest in silestone countertops, then you don’t need to worry about the replacement of countertops for atleast 25years. Your countertop will not only look beautiful but also it last for many years.

Extremely Durable

Silestone is Quartz. And so, its ability to resist scratch is superb. There are only a few materials that are harder and tougher than quartz. If durability is your priority, then Silestone can be an excellent choice.

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