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Q by MSI

Q by MSI

MSI, the largest supplier and manufacturer of countertops have a wide range of options for all your countertop needs. MSI Q offers various color selections. Currently, 60+ colors are in stock for residential and commercial spaces.

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The smooth surface of MSI Q is unsuitable for bacteria and microorganisms to grow. Therefore, if you are more concerned about the safety and hygiene of your countertop purchasing decision, then Q would be the preferred choice for your countertop project.


MSI Q- one of nature’s hardest materials that is comprised of 93% Quartz makes it highly durable. When compared to the other stone materials MSI Quartz holds the number one performing material for durability. With proper care, it lasts for decades.


If you are the one who loves the look of natural stone but requires low-maintenance, then the best option would be Quartz. Keeping your Q countertop clean is very easy as it normally requires warm water and a mild soap to clean the surface.

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