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Transform your home with this budget-friendly laminate countertop option.

For those with a great taste and limited budget, you can affordably enhance your home’s new look with our Iowa’s Laminate Countertops. These countertops are made with the nature of plastic composites adhered to particleboard or plywood. However, without spending huge money, you can easily turn your countertop project into a worthy space with these laminate countertops. At Iowa Countertops, we strive to give you high-quality products and excellent customer service where your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. 





Laminate Countertop Brands

Transform the look of your kitchen with this affordable laminate countertops

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Formica, the leading brand is the original manufacturer of plastic laminates and is well-known for its high-quality and visually-alluring countertops.

img of Wilsonart


Wilsonart is well-known for some of the toughest of the high-pressure laminates. However, this brand also manufactures quartz and solid-surface material too.

All About Laminate

Laminate is still one of your best cheapest countertop options. However, the cost of the laminate countertop will vary depending on the color or pattern that you select. As these laminate countertops are made from the plastic resins, it is very easy to clean and requires only low-maintenance. Without investing a huge money, you can transform your living space more beautiful.


Variety Of Colors

You can find more choices now than ever before. The most popular brands such as Formica and Wilsonart are continually coming out with new colors, styles, and even materials to suit your budget or taste.


Laminate can be the smart option for homeowners who are more concerned about the budget. They are still the least expensive option for the people who want to decor their kitchen often.

Easy To Clean

Laminate Countertops offers worry-free maintenance that it is very easy to clean than the other natural and man-made stone materials. Simple cleaning with soap and a soft cloth is normally required.

Quick Install

Laminate Countertops is lightweight and so it is very easy to install without any professional help. In case, if you do need any help in installing laminate countertops for your countertop project, you can just click here.

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